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Life in Menindee

A small community about 110km from Broken Hill, Menindee is best known for its expanse of lakes fed by the Darling River. This historic town is said to be the site of the first inland European settlement, and is also famous as the last town from which the colonial explorers Burke and Wills set off on their ill-fated cross-country expedition.

Typical of a small community (pop. 443), Menindee locals enjoy an easygoing, friendly and close-knit camaraderie that sees many regular social and get-together activities. With its lakes as a central point, Menindee offers water sports such as sailing, swimming, kayaking, water skiing and fishing. Other recreational activities enjoyed by Menindee townsfolk include tennis, golf, and rifle-range shooting.

Menindee Central School

The school is the focal point of the small community with an enrolment of about 90 students from kindergarten to year 12, of whom approximately 65% are of Aboriginal heritage. According to its principal Fiona Kelly, Menindee Central School has received recognition statewide for its high student retention and attendance rates, built up through programs designed to bring its students' education levels on a par with those of other NSW schools. Menindee Central School is also renowned for its inclusive outlook for all students, and its innovative implementation of the local language, Paakintji, across the school and as an accredited HSC subject

Menindee Central School is one of the best-resourced schools in the NSW public education system, with an interactive whiteboard in every class, a computer laptop for every teacher, and video-conferencing facilities spread throughout the school.

Many teachers who have started their career at Menindee Central School have stayed on to build their lives here as part of the community. Teachers enjoy great camaraderie and support amongst colleagues, and rich, positive interaction with the community.

Incentives, benefits and career opportunities

Teachers at Menindee Central, like those of other schools in far west NSW, receive a range of benefits and incentives including a hot climate allowance; an extra week of summer vacation; and a teacher housing subsidy of up to 90 per cent. Be sure to check out the benifits calculator at  

There are many professional development opportunities, as well as opportunities for promotion, open to teachers at Menindee Central School. Because of its isolation it offers a variety of in-house staff development programs; but teachers can also choose to attend development seminars in other locations, with travel, food and accommodation expenses paid by the Department. There are also plenty of career development opportunities, with many teachers achieving promotion to executive roles within a few short years of teaching.